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FS100 Controller

The FS100 controller is small, powerful and open. Designed for packaging, small parts handling and assembly applications, it has the performance required for high speed, discrete operations. It also has open software architecture to enable OEMs, machine builders and system integrators to develop their own customized software solutions. Designed for Motoman® robots with payloads of 20 kg and under.

Space Efficient

  • Small, compact controller
  • 470 mm wide, 200 mm high, 420 mm deep
  • IP20 cabinet is standard with IP54 enclosure available
  • Controller mass is approx. 20 kg


  • 2-4 times faster than DX100 controller
  • Designed for packaging and small parts handling robots with payloads of 20 kg and under
  • Compatible with integrated MotoSight™ 2Dvision (optional)
  • Improved communication speeds and functionality
  • High-speed I/O response and high-resolution timers
  • Supports a wide range of communication networks
  • Single controller supports up to eight axes:
    • 4-axis robot + 2 external axes
    • 6-axis robot + 2 external axes
    • 7-axis robot + 1 external axis
  • 15-axis robots require two FS100 controllers

Open Software

  • Open architecture enables software customization in widely accepted environments such as C, C++, C# and .NET.
  • Supports optional MotoPlus™ and MotomanSync™ software environments.
  • Uses same programming pendant hardware as DX100 controller, providing a consistent programming interface with current products.
  • Supports customization of programming pendant screens using C++ and C#.


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