Mã sản phẩm: E310-16-2.5

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OK 67.13 is an austenitic, stainless-steel electrode for welding 25Cr20Ni steels. The weld metal resists scaling up to 1100-1150°C and does not contain any measureable ferrite. OK 67.13 can also be used for welding certain air-hardening steels such as armour plate and for welding stainless to unalloyed steel.


Số lượng

Typical Tensile Properties

AWS As welded
ElongationTensile StrengthYield Strength
35 %600 MPa430 MPa

Typical Charpy V-Notch Properties

AWS As welded
Impact ValueTesting Temperature
90 J20 °C

Typical Weld Metal Analysis %

1.9 %0.12 %0.6 %21.1 %25.6 %

Deposition Data

DiameterCurrentDeposition RateFusion time per electrode at 90% I maxkg weld metal/kg electrodesNumber of electrodes/kg weld metalVoltage
2.5 x 300 mm50-85 A0.8 kg/h42 sec0.51 kg10121 V
4.0 x 350 mm70-160 A1.7 kg/h61 sec0.51 kg3428 V
3.2 x 350 mm65-120 A1.2 kg/h58 sec0.51 kg5324 V
5.0 x 350 mm150-220 A2.6 kg/h67 sec0.54 kg2131 V

Classifications:EN ISO 3581-A, E 25 20 R 1 2, SFA/AWS A5.4, E310-16, Werkstoffnummer, 1.4842

Alloy Type:Austenitic CrNi
Coating Type:Basic Rutile
Ferrite Content:FN 0
Welding Current:DC+, AC