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The machine to automate your tube welding


  • The Railtrac Orbital W is a superb alternative if you wish to automate your tube welding.
  • It is ideal for use with ESABs semi-automatic power sources and feed units.
  • The Railtrac Orbital W is a small, compact motorpowered tractor.
  • A standard ESAB welding torch can be attached quickly. Two motors guarantee an even, stable movement on the rail.
  • The control box allows you to control the following parameters and store 5 different welding programs:
  • Start and stop
  • Shift program
  • Travel or welding direction
  • Travel or welding speed
  • Weaving width
  • Zero line displacement
  • Welding current (wire feed speed)
  • Welding voltage
  • Backfill function

Số lượng

Power Specifications

ConnectionBurndy, 12 pins
Control Voltage36-46 V
Enclosure ClassIP 23
Power90 W


Number of programs5
Pause time at outer edge0.0-9.9 sec
Weaving speed0.2-2.4 (6-60)
Welding speed2-39 in./min (5-99 cm/min)
Electrical Line Displacement0.5 in. (12.5 mm)
Slide for height adjustment0.9 in. (22 mm)
Weaving width0.04-1.2 in. (1-30 mm)


Weight17.6 lb