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  • Easy to install and align with sturdy, fully adjustable rail pedestals for straight and level machine rails
  • Perfect rail system alignment with triple machined T-rails that guide the cutting system in the longitudinal axis; a precision drive rack mounted directly to the machined side of the rail provides perfect rail-to-rack alignment
  • Increased cutting productivity through 25.4 m/min traverse speed
  • Choice of tool station options for three stations enables up to two oxy-fuel cutting stations and one plasma torch
  • The optional Space Saver exchange station can carry both a plasma and oxy-fuel torch to maximize cross-cut and minimize machine width
  • Features ESAB's Vision T5 advanced touch-screen CNC with EasyNest software for true-shape nesting at the machine
  • Efficient piercing of thicker materials using hi-lo oxy-fuel gas control with ease-on cutting oxygen
  • Add the cutting table to suit your needs, the machine can be supplied with a down draft table for dry cutting, or water table for above or under water plasma cutting
  • Load and unload material with a fork truck is enabled through low rail design
  • Configured with 1.5, 2 and 2.5 m cutting widths and 2.5 m to 14.5 m cut lengths [enables cutting of two 6 m long plates]

Số lượng

The SGX cutting machine provides ESAB quality, precision and leading-edge technology ideal for small fabricators and manufacturers. Rugged, accurate, affordable, automated cutting machine.

•Rugged, accurate, affordable, automated cutting machine
•Easily produce high quality parts while maximizing material utilization
•The SGX may be equipped with a variety of ESAB A-Series Air Plasma systems, or the iSeries Precision Plasma System
•Compact design for minimized floor space requirements
•ESAB quality, value and precision made affordable

Rugged, High Performance
Performance and accuracy are assured with a heavy steel beam, precision machined mating surfaces, and linear rail. This rugged design ensures smooth motion, accuracy and long term machine durability. With dual-side, high-speed AC drives and a fast torch lifter, SGX enables higher productivity through rapid cut-to-cut cycle times.

Compact Design
The compact design of the SGX cutting machine minimizes floor space requirements. One-meter rail increments keep the footprint small to maximize production space.

Easy-to-Use Vision® CNC 
The Vision CNC is fully integrated with ESAB plasma and oxy-fuel process controls, and uses a built-in process database to make operation simple and automated.

Precision Plasma Cutting
The SGX may be equipped with a variety of ESAB A-Series Air Plasma systems, or the iSeries Precision Plasma System, depending on production needs. iSeries plasma enables precision plasma cutting for a wide range of material types and thicknesses:

•Cut up to 15 mm with ESAB’s 120 Amp A-Series Air Plasma system
•Cut up to 40 mm thickness at 300 Amps with ESAB’s iSeries Precision Plasma system, featuring automatic gas control and precision cutting on mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum (systems available with 100, 200, or 300 Amp output)

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