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The water-cooled PSF™ torches are probably the coolest welding torches on the market. The excellent cooling allows for a smaller swan neck with no reduction in current capacity, plus reduced wear part consumption. A swivel at the back of the handle reduces strain on the welder’s wrist. Together with the opportunity to use different angled swan necks, this provides easy access to all welding positions and a comfortable working position. 
Both torches are available with a built-in, three-step, remote-control switch (RS3).

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Số lượng

Part Numbers: PSF water-cooled
PSF 510w RS3, 4.5 m0458400901
PSF 510w RS3, 3 m0458400900
PSF™ 510w Torch, 3m0458400884
PSF™ 510w Torch, 4.5m0458400885
PSF 405 RS3, 3 m0458401892
PSF 410w RS3, 3 m0458400898
PSF 410w RS3, 4.5 m0458400899
PSF™ 505 Torch, 4.5m0458401885
PSF™ 505 Torch, 3m0458401884
PSF 250, 3 m0368100882
PSF 250, 4.5 m0368100883
PSF™ 410w Torch, 4.5m0458400883
PSF™ 410w Torch, 3m0458400882
PSF 405 RS3, 4.5 m0458401893
PSF™ 405 Torch, 4.5m0458401883
PSF 305, 3 m0458401880
PSF™ 405 Torch, 3m0458401882
PSF 305, 4.5 m


RS3 = remote control 3-steps