Mã sản phẩm: F7P5- EH12K

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OK Flux 10.71 is a neutral, bonded flux intended primarily for multipass butt and fillet welding of carbon and low alloy steels. It combines outstanding welding performance with excellent weld properties. OK Flux 10.71 is suitable for use with AC and DC, single and multiwire systems at currents up to 1000 amps. It should not be used in applications where there is heavy rust or mill scale on the base plate. Among the many areas where OK 10.71 is used are general structural welding, bridge fabrication, heavy equipment fabrication, and line pipe welding.

Số lượng


OK Autrod 13.64-
OK Autrod 12.34-
OK Autrod 12.22ABS
OK Autrod 12.22BV
OK Autrod 12.22CE
OK Autrod 12.22DB
OK Autrod 12.22DNV
OK Autrod 12.22GL
OK Autrod 12.22LR
OK Autrod 12.22VdTÜV
OK Autrod 12.22ClassNK
OK Autrod 12.22RS
OK Autrod 13.24-
OK Autrod 13.36CE
OK Autrod 12.30CE
OK Autrod 12.30DB
OK Autrod 12.30VdTÜV
OK Autrod 12.32CE
OK Autrod 12.32DB
OK Autrod 12.32VdTÜV
OK Autrod 13.27VdTÜV
OK Autrod 12.24ABS
OK Autrod 12.24BV
OK Autrod 12.24CE
OK Autrod 12.24DB
OK Autrod 12.24DNV
OK Autrod 12.24GL
OK Autrod 12.24LR
OK Autrod 12.24PRS
OK Autrod 12.24RINA
OK Autrod 12.24RS
OK Autrod 12.24VdTÜV
OK Autrod 12.24ClassNK
OK Autrod 12.20ABS
OK Autrod 12.20BV
OK Autrod 12.20CE
OK Autrod 12.20DB
OK Autrod 12.20DNV
OK Autrod 12.20GL
OK Autrod 12.20LR
OK Autrod 12.20RINA
OK Autrod 12.20VdTÜV
OK Autrod 12.20PRS
OK Autrod 12.20RS
OK Autrod 12.10ABS
OK Autrod 12.10BV
OK Autrod 12.10CE
OK Autrod 12.10DB
OK Autrod 12.10DNV
OK Autrod 12.10GL
OK Autrod 12.10LR
OK Autrod 12.10VdTÜV
OK Autrod 12.10PRS
OK Autrod 12.10RS


F7A4-EM12KAWS A5.17: EM12KSpoolarc 81-
F8A-ENi1K-Ni1AWS A5.23: ENi1KSpoolarc 75-
F7A2-EM14KAWS A5.17: EM14KSpoolarc 71F7P4-EM14K
F7A5-EH12KAWS A5.17: EH12KSpoolarc 53F7P5-EH12K
F7A4-EM13KAWS A5.17: EM13KSpoolarc 29S-

Flux Consumption

AmpsDimensionskg Flux / kg Wire DC+Travel speedVoltskg Flux / kg Wire AC
580 AØ 4.0 mm0.7 kg55 cm/min26 V-
580 AØ 4.0 mm-55 cm/min26 V0.6 kg
580 AØ 4.0 mm1.0 kg55 cm/min30 V-
580 AØ 4.0 mm-55 cm/min30 V0.9 kg
580 AØ 4.0 mm1.3 kg55 cm/min34 V-
580 AØ 4.0 mm-55 cm/min34 V1.2 kg
580 AØ 4.0 mm1.6 kg55 cm/min38 V-
580 AØ 4.0 mm-55 cm/min38 V1.4 kg

Typical Mechanical Properties

Charpy V-NotchCharpy V-Notch Testing TempConditionElongationTensile StrengthWireYield Strength
30 ft-lb-40 °FAs Welded30 %87 ksiSpoolarc 29S73 ksi
45 ft-lb-50 °FAs Welded28 %91 ksiSpoolarc 5377 ksi
80 ft-lb-50 °FStress Relieved32 %79 ksiSpoolarc 5365 ksi
48 ft-lb-20 °FAs Welded27 %87 ksiSpoolarc 7176 ksi
38 ft-lb-40 °FStress Relieved30 %92 ksiSpoolarc 7174 ksi
35 ft-lb-40 °FStress Relieved30 %91 ksiSpoolarc 7174 ksi
43 ft-lb-40 °FAs Welded28 %91 ksiSpoolarc 7578 ksi
44 ft-lb-40 °FAs Welded30 %81 ksiSpoolarc 8168 ksi

Typical Weld Metal Analysis %

0.020 %1.50 %0.011 %0.07 %0.50 %0.90 %

Approvals:CWB, AWS A5.23 F9A6-ENi4-Ni4-H8, CWB, AWS A5.23 F8A4-ENi1K-Ni1-H8, CWB, CSA W48 F49A4-EM12K-H8, DB, 51.039.05, NAKS/HAKC, RD 03-613-03, CE EN, 13479
Classifications:AWS A5.17, F7P5- EH12K, AWS A5.17, F7P4-EM14K, AWS A5.17, F7A5-EH12K, AWS A5.17, F7A4-EM13K, AWS A5.17, F7A4-EM12K, AWS A5.17, F7A2-EM14K, AWS A5.23, F8A4-ENi1K-Ni1

Approvals are based on factory location. Please contact ESAB for more information.

Alloy Transfer:IMPERIAL_Slightly Silicon and moderately Manganese alloying
Basicity Index:nom: 1.5
Density:nom: 1.2 kg/dm3
Diffusible Hydrogen:max 5 ml H/100g weld metal (Redried flux)
Grain Size:METRIC_0.2-1.6 mm (10x65 mesh) or 0.315 -2.0 mm (9x48 mesh)
Slag Type:IMPERIAL_Aluminate-basic