NX100 Controller

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NX100 Controller

  • The revolutionary NX100 controller features a Windows® CE programming pendant with color touch screen, high-speed processing, unmatched memory (60,000 steps, 10,000 instructions), built-in Ethernet, and a robust PC architecture. The NX100 features four levels of password protection for up to 100 individual users.
  • Easily handles multiple tasks, with unmatched ability to control up to four robots (up to 36 axes, including robots and external axes), and I/O devices.
  • Advanced Robot Motion (ARM) control provides high-performance path accuracy and vibration control.
  • Best-in-class path planning that dramatically reduces teaching time.
  • Programming pendant features a unique cross-shaped navigation cursor that reduces teaching time by 30 percent.
  • Full-color touch-screen display
  • Convenient Compact Flash slot for easy memory back-ups.
  • Most operator controls are located on the pendant, allowing the control cabinet to be mounted remotely.
  • Optional on-line troubleshooting guide for expert system maintenance is also available on the pendant.

Features & Options

  • Patented multiple robot control capability (up to FOUR robots with one pendant)
  • Windows® CE operating system on programming pendant
  • Standard Ethernet communication
  • Compliance with ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 safety standard
  • Unmatched memory: 60,000 steps, 10,000 instructions
  • On-board graphical ladder editor

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