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The Combirex DX offers large gantry design and performance in a compact package. The rugged gantry features all-steel construction with machined mating surfaces for stiffness and accuracy. Heavy duty weldments support triple machined T-rails to provide a sturdy, stable foundation. Featuring a precision linear rail Y-axis guiding system, precision three-axis rack-and-pinion drives, digital AC drives and AC brushless motors, this machine delivers the cutting performance you would expect from much more expensive gantries.

Plasma stations
The Combirex DX can be equipped with air plasma systems up 120 amps or ESAB’s iSeries Plasma System, which allows the machine to cut and mark with the same plasma torch. The iSeries system is available on the Combirex DX in 100, 200, 300 or 400 Amp configurations.

Plasma bevelling
The Combirex DX can be equipped with the optional DMX Automated Plasma Beveller. The compact plasma bevel system uses compound motion and ESAB’s SmartBevel Technology to deliver high productivity with reliable beveling.

Oxy-Fuel torch stations
The Combirex DX may be equipped with up to 4 oxy-fuel cutting stations. The stations feature heavy duty motorized lifters with capacitive height control and pilot flame torch ignitors. An electronic proportional valve gas control sets high/low preheat pressures, cutting oxygen pressure, and pierce ramp automatically through the built-in process database.

Plate marking
With the Combirex DX, plate marking can be accomplished by the iSeries plasma system or by an optional air scribe marker, allowing accurate marking and cutting on the same parts.


  • Built with sturdy components typically reserved for larger machines, Combirex delivers exceptional durability.
  • Featuring oversized drives, linear rails, and a stiff gantry design, Combirex excels at precision plasma and small hole cutting.
  • Combirex makes it easy to product high-quality parts thanks to high speeds, excellent accuracy and smooth motion.
  • The machine is equipped with an innovative safety package that provides full compliance with EC Machinery Directive.

Số lượng

Cutting Specifications

Internal Clearance86 in.
2184 mm
106 in.
2692 mm
126 in.
3200 mm
145 in.
3683 mm
Machine Width143 in.
3625 mm
162 in.
4125 mm
182 in.
4625 mm
202 in.
5125 mm
Maximum Table Width77 in.
1956 mm
96.5 in.
2451 mm
116 in.
2947 mm
136 in.
3454 mm
Rail Gauge98.4 in.
2,500 mm
118.1 in.
3000 mm
137.8 in.
3,500 mm
157.5 in.
4000 mm
Recommended Maximum Plate Width5 ft
1.5 m
6 ft
2 m
8 ft
2.4 m
10 ft
3 m

General Machine Specifications

Machine Height83 in. (2100 mm)
Parking Area57 in. (1,440 mm)
Speed Range2-1,000 in./min (50-25,000 mm/min)
Work Table Height26-30 in. (660-762 mm)

Input Ratings

Amps30 A
Frequency Hz50/60 Hz
VAC230/460/575 VAC

Tool Specifications

ModelCombirex™ DX 2500Combirex™ DX 3000Combirex™ DX 3500Combirex™ DX 4000
Maximum Cross Travel 1 Tool78.7 in.
2000 mm
98.4 in.
2500 mm
118.1 in.
3000 mm
137.8 in.
3500 mm
Maximum Cross Travel 2 Tools78.7 in.
2000 mm
98.4 in.
2500 mm
118.1 in.
3000 mm
137.8 in.
3500 mm
Maximum Cross Travel 3 Tools70.8 in.
1800 mm
90.5 in.
2300 mm
110.2 in.
2800 mm
129.9 in.
3300 mm
Maximum Cross Travel 4 Tools63 in.
1600 mm
82.7 in.
2100 mm
102.3 in.
2600 mm
122 in.
3100 mm


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