ĐẦU HÀN ESAB - A2 Multitrac with A2-A6 Process Controller PEK

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A2 Multitrac with A2-A6 PEK Controller is a universal welding tractor for submerged arc welding (SAW) and gas metal arc welding (GMAW) applications. 


  • Designed for use with ESAB automatic LAF DC and TAF AC welding power sources 
  • Choose single or twin wire for SAW applications
  • The feed unit secures an even, stable wire-feed speed
  • Four-wheel drive ensures accurate travel speed
  • Digital control panel allows exact pre-set and control of welding parameters
  • A2 Multitrac is fully mobile and can easily be moved from one welding station to another
  • Quick set-up for different workpieces

Tiêu đề

Số lượng

Capacities and Temperatures

ModelFlux CapacityWire Feed SpeedWire Spool Capacity
GMAW16 m/min60 lb
30 kg
MTW600 (GMAW)25 m/min2x33 lb
2x15 kg
Single SAW1.4 gal
6 l
354 in./min
9 m/min
60 lb
30 kg
Twin SAW1.4 gal
6 l
354 in./min
9 m/min
2x33 lb
2x15 kg

Power Requirements

ModelMax Current
SAW800 A


ModelMetal TypeWire Diameter
GMAWSteel0.8-1.6 mm
GMAWStainless Steel0.8-1.6 mm
GMAWCored Wire1.2-2.4 mm
GMAWAluminum1.2-1.6 mm
MTW600 (GMAW)Steel0.8-1.6 mm
MTW600 (GMAW)Stainless Steel0.8-1.6 mm
MTW600 (GMAW)Cored Wire1.2-1.6 mm
MTW600 (GMAW)Aluminum1.2-2.0 mm
Single SAWSteel1.6-4.0 mm
Single SAWStainless Steel1.6-4.0 mm
Single SAWCored Wire1.6-4.0 mm
Single SAWAluminum
Twin SAWSteel2x1.2-2.5 mm
Twin SAWStainless Steel2x1.2-2.5 mm
Twin SAWCored Wire
Twin SAWAluminum

Weights & Dimensions

Height828 mm828 mm
Length527 mm527 mm
Weight43 kg47 kg
Width375 mm375 mm

Welding Speeds

Travel Speed0.1-2.0 m/min (4-79 in./min)