Đầu hàn ESAB - A6S and A6DS Tandem Welding Heads

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For optimum productivity


  • Suitable for heavy construction welding
  • Capable of welding DC/DC, DC/AC or AC/AC
  • Uses A2-A6 Process Controller PEK for quick and accurate programming of welding parameters for each torch
  • Feedback system gives high and consistent welding quality from start to finish, saving time and money
  • Versatile positioning through easy to use, complete slide assembly for welding torch position, distance stick-out and angle on both leading and trailing torches
  • Enhance productivity by adding optional equipment such as Twin Wire and Integrated Cold Wire (ICE™) systems
  • Welding heads can be equipped with a standard wire feed unit (gear ration 156:1) or with a high-speed wire feed unit (gear ratio 74:1)
  • Available in two basic versions, A6S Tandem Master and A6DS Tandem Master with several configurations to match specific safety, quality and productivity requirements

Số lượng

A6S Tandem Master

  • Optimized for welding across multiple perpendicular axes and is key in the welding of cylindrical objects where both longitudinal and circumferential welding is required

A6DS Tandem Master

  • Optimized for welding in multiple directions and is key in the automated welding of long weld joints such as beams and girders

Part Numbers: A6S and A6DS Tandem Welding Heads
A6S Tandem Master, high-speed (74:1)0818971881
A6S Tandem Master, standard (156:1)0818971880
A6DS Tandem Master, high-speed (74:1)0818970881
A6DS Tandem Master, standard (156:1)0818970880