Mỏ cắt ESAB PT-121 / PT-121M Plasmarc Manual Cutting Torches

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This highly versatile torch operates with a variety of gases and offers superior cutting and gouging capability.


  • Excellent performance–cuts up to 2 in. (50.8 mm); pierces up to 1/2 in. (12.7 mm)
  • Automatic pilot arc starting
  • Uses nitrogen or H-35 for plasma gas; uses air, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide or argon for cooling gas
  • Choice of 75°, 90° or mechanical torches
  • Extended front end available
  • Gouging nozzles and heat shield available

Số lượng

Cutting Specifications

Cuts Manual2 in.

Operating Specifications

Air Service Gas, CoolingAir, N2, O2, CO2, *Ar (*preferred)
Air Service Gas, PlasmaN2, H-35

Output Ratings

Current Capacity @ 100% Duty Cycle

Output Current AC150 A

Plasma Gas Requirements

Gas Requirements (Cutting) - N2

Gas Flow25 cfh
Gas Pressure25 psig

Gas Requirements (Cutting) - H-35

Gas Flow75 cfh
Gas Pressure65 psig

Cooling Gas Requirements (Cutting) - N2, Air

Gas Flow345 cfh
Gas Pressure50 psig

Cooling Gas Requirements (Cutting) - CO2

Gas Flow270 cfh
Gas Pressure50 psig

Gas Requirements (Gouging) - H-35

Gas Flow130 cfh
Gas Pressure20 psig

Cooling Gas Requirements (Gouging) - Ar, N2, Air

Gas Flow260 cfh
Gas Pressure50 psig

Extra Information


The PT-121 can be used with the following console: