Mỏ cắt ESAB PT-25 Plasmarc Manual Cutting Torch

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This versatile, easy-to-use 150 Amp torch provides superior performance for a full range of manual cutting applications.


  • Excellent cutting capability–cuts up to 1 1/2 in. (38.1 m) using air or nitrogen at 100 Amps; cuts up to 2 in. (50.8 m) using nitrogen or argon-hydrogen at 150 Amps
  • Produce clean, high quality cuts
  • Patent pending safety circuit for enhanced operator safety
  • Operate with shop or cylinder air at 100 Amps; nitrogen or argon-hydrogen at 150 Amps
  • Compact, lightweight design for ease of handling
  • Long-life electrodes lower operating costs
  • Pilot arc starting–even starts on paint
  • Gouging nozzle available
  • Intermittent cutting capability for grate or expanded metal applications
  • Gouging guard and stand-off guide available for operator convenience
  • Consoles|The PT-25 can be used with the following consoles: 
    ESP-100i Standard
    PCM-150 with Retrofit Kit P/N 21932

Số lượng

Operating Specifications

Air Service Gas, CoolingAir, N2, CO2
Air Service Gas, PlasmaAir, N2, H-35, N2/H2 mixtures

Output Ratings

Current Capacity (DCSP) @ 100% Duty Cycle (Air Plasma)

Output Current AC100 A

Current Capacity (DCSP) @ 100% Duty Cycle (N2, H-35, N2/H2 Plasma)

Output Current AC150 A

Plasma Gas Requirements

Min. Gas Flow Requirements (plasma)

Gas Flow200 cfh
Gas Pressure70 psig

Min. Gas Flow Requirements (cooling)

Gas Flow360 cfh
Gas Pressure70 psig


Service Leads (25ft)

Weight14 lb

Service Leads (50ft)

Weight25 lb