Mỏ cắt ESAB PT-31XL / PT-31XLPC Plasmarc Manual Cutting Torches

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Designed for superior operator comfort, ESABs PT-31XL and PT-31XLPC are the most compact 50 Amp torches on the market.


  • Excellent cutting capability–manually cuts up to 3/4 in. (19 mm); severs up to 1 in. (25.4 mm)
  • New, durable torch cable prevents snagging on fixtures and materials
  • Equipped with patented safety interlock feature
  • Uses shop air, cylinder air or nitrogen for superior versatility
  • High frequency starting–even starts through paint
  • Uses patented "XT" consumables
  • Consoles|The PT-31XL and PT-31XLPC can be used with the following consoles:
    HandyPlasma 250
    HandyPlasma 380
    HandyPlasma 550
    PowerCut 650

Số lượng

Cutting Specifications

Cuts Manual3/4 in.
Severs Manual1 in.

Output Ratings

Current Capacity @ 100% Duty Cycle

Output Current AC50 A

Plasma Gas Requirements

Air Supply

Gas Flow275 cfh (130 l/min)
Gas Pressure75 psig