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High Productivity Piercing and Cutting
ESAB’s 200 Amp plasma system delivers high productivity piercing and cutting in a variety of material types and thicknesses. High cutting speeds result in more parts per hour. When compared to oxy-fuel, ESAB’s m200 plasma system cuts more than four times faster in 12 mm (1/2 in.) mild steel. Quick setups and process changes also maximise productivity.

Lower Cost Per Part

High cutting speeds, electrical efficiency, exceptional consumable life and low gas costs result in a lower cost per part. High cut quality with minimal dross, reduced warping and a small heat-affected zone results in fewer secondary operations further reducing the overall costs of production. 

Use air plasma gas for the lowest possible cost per part, choose oxygen or nitrogen when the application demands higher cut quality.

Easy to Use & Easy to Install
This plasma system is inherently easy to operate. A built-in process database features optimised cutting parameters that help ensure consistent cutting results. Parameters are selected and controlled in one easy step. Simple and intuitive operator controls reduce the need for operator training, minimise errors and shorten setup time. Advanced diagnostics simplify troubleshooting and maintenance. The system is built to be quick and easy to install, allowing for immediate productivity gains.

Superior Reliability

A full 100 percent duty cycle enables the system to handle the most demanding production requirements with the highest reliability. Reliable performance is also assured with a proven power supply design and heavy-duty fluid cooled cutting torch. ESAB’s design requires fewer wear parts than similar plasma torches, reducing parts inventory and handling, thus saving time and expense. ESAB’s innovative torch geometry ensures consistent cut quality and a long service life.

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  • Multi-gas, 200 amp plasma system for heavy-duty mechanized cutting applications
  • High cutting speeds for high productivity
  • Optimized cut quality for fewer secondary operations
  • Simple and intuitive operator controls
  • Reliable performance across a range of material typesand thicknesses

Input Ratings


Amps115/96/50 A
Frequency Hz60 Hz

380/400VAC, CCC

Amps60/57 A
Frequency Hz50 Hz

400VAC, CE

Amps57 A
Frequency Hz50 Hz


Amps43 A
Frequency Hz60 Hz

Operating Specifications

Open Circuit VDC High342-366 VDC
Power Factor Maximum Current90 %

Output Ratings

Amp High200 A
VDC Out160 VDC