Mã sản phẩm: E6013-2.0

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OK 46.00 is the best, all-round, rutile electrode and it is relatively insensitive to rust or other surface impurities. It deposits smooth weld beads in all positions, including vertical down, and the slag is easy to remove. OK 46.00 is very easy to strike and restrike, making it ideal for short welds, root runs and tacking.


Số lượng

Typical Tensile Properties

ISO As welded
ElongationTensile StrengthYield Strength
28 %510 MPa400 MPa
AWS As welded
ElongationTensile StrengthYield Strength

Typical Charpy V-Notch Properties

ISO As welded
Impact ValueTesting Temperature
70 J0 °C

Typical Weld Metal Analysis %

0.42 %0.08 %0.30 %

Deposition Data

DiameterCurrentDeposition RateFusion time per electrode at 90% I maxkg weld metal/kg electrodesNumber of electrodes/kg weld metalVoltage
2.0 x 300 mm50-70 A0.55 kg/h38 sec0.60 kg17225 V
2.5 x 350 mm60-100 A0.80 kg/h50 sec0.65 kg8622 V
4.0 x 450 mm100-200 A1.94 kg/h76 sec0.58 kg3323 V
3.0 x 350 mm70-140 A1.0 kg/h46 sec0.51 kg7732 V
4.0 x 350 mm100-200 A1.60 kg/h65 sec0.60 kg3922 V
5.0 x 400 mm150-290 A2.2 kg/h71 sec0.56 kg2230 V
4.0 x 400 mm100-200 A1.69 kg/h64 sec0.60 kg3326 V
1.6 x 300 mm30-60 A0.38 kg/h36 sec0.63 kg26326 V
3.2 x 350 mm80-150 A1.30 kg/h57 sec0.65 kg5322 V
5.0 x 350 mm150-290 A2.30 kg/h87 sec0.60 kg2424 V
5.0 x 450 mm150-290 A2.30 kg/h114 sec0.60 kg3124 V
3.2 x 450 mm80-150 A1.33 kg/h63 sec0.64 kg4322 V

Approvals:ABS, 2, PL,SF, BV, 2, PL,SF, CE, EN 13479, SB,SF,SA,PL,HG, DB, 10.039.05, HG,PL,SA,SF, DNV, 2, PL,SF, GL, 2, PL,SF, LR, 2, PL,SF, RS, 2, HG,SA, VdTÜV, 00623, HG,PL,SA,SF, BKI, 2, PL, ClassNK, KMW2, PL, NAKS/HAKC, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 mm, HG, SA, NAKS/HAKC, 3.0-4.0 mm, PN,MI, NAKS/HAKC, 3.2-4.0 mm, SF, RRR, 2
Classifications:SFA/AWS A5.1, qUE, EN ISO 2560-A, E 38 0 RC 11, GOST 9467-75, E46, GOST R ISO 2560-A, E 38 0 RC 11

Approvals are based on factory location. Please contact ESAB for more information.

Alloy Type:Carbon Manganese
Coating Type:IMPERIAL_Rutile-cellulosic covering
Welding Current:AC, DC+-